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The transformation of China in the past four decades has been nothing short of spectacular. Now a cultural and economic ...

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A city famous for its rapid growth and high cost of living, London is not a place one immediately associates with ...

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El modo de captar la luz y el espacio nos traslada a la atmósfera de cada fuente y su piazza, mientras su atención al ...

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Contemporary Japanese architecture has, for over half a century, achieved worldwide recognition not only for its highly ...

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The seven volumes of the Sub-Saharan Africa Architectural Guide: 1. Introduction to the History and Theory of Sub-...

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Arquitectura moderna de Japón es un recorrido por la sorprendente e innovadora evolución de la arquitectura japonesa ...

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In the 20th century, modern architecture thrived in Cuba and a wealth of buildings was realized prior to the revolution ...

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California es una incubadora del pensamiento tecnológico, multicultural, ecológico, y el amor por el aire libre. No ...

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La successió de fotografies de Toni Vidal ens permet redes- cobrir un tresor patrimonial que transcendeix el valor d ...

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Després de l'èxit de Barcelona. Històries, curiositats i misteris i Barcelona secreta, aquest llibre prossegueix el ...

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Jaipur is especially famous for the strangeness of its monuments, whether it is the surreal silhouette the Jantar ...

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Este libro pretende explicar cómo pueden entenderse las diversas corrientes de la arquitectura moderna en Gran Bretaña. ...

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This architectural guide presents over 100 sites in both Tunis and its surroundings. The -Tunisian archi-tect Faouzia ...

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O livro «Porto Brutalista», publicado pela Circo de Ideias, com edição de Pedro Baía e Magda Seifert, apresenta uma ...

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A celebration of the endlessly fascinating and culturally rich country of Japan, this book from the Monocle team is ...

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Architectural guide with illustarted map of the city

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This comprehensive guide showcases 150 architectural objects realised in Norway in the twenty-year period from 2000 to ...

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Architecture in the United Arab Emirates boasts a great diversity of design possibilities. In addition to record-...

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When we think of Barcelona, the eclectic art of Antoni Gaudi immediately springs to mind. It is present in every corner ...

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Home to over 4,000 constructions built in a modernist style influenced by the Bauhaus, Tel Aviv's White City is a world-...

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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon, this book for the first time ever looks at the ...

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The first-ever walking tour guide of New York City's stunning contemporary architecture showcases the most intriguing ...

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A Collection of Latin American Modern Architecture is part of an ongoing series by one of the leading architectural ...

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The LA Forum Reader brings together three decades of discursive writings and publications on architecture, urbanism, ...