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Like all mega-cities around the globe, Sao Paulo faces huge challenges. Yet despite these manifold and daunting tasks, ...

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The book tells the story of communal living from about 1850 until today. Three motives of sharing - the economic, ...

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Traditional building methods - such as those used in pueblos, timbered houses, or the Japanese minka - exist in ...

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The Recycling Manual provides the necessary expertise for the associated paradigm shift in construction. In addition to ...

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¿Cómo diseñar o construir la escuela que queremos? Más de 800 fotografías y un centenar de escuelas repartidas en los ...

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Este libro ofrece una amplia y rigurosa selección de`proyectos concebidos por algunos de los estudios de arquitectua ...

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Focusing on 20 cases studies of iconic Modern buildings from the US and Europe, the book provides a combination of ...

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This fascinating sourcebook presents the most remarkable, beautiful and innovative building façades in contemporary ...

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Different countries and regions in the world have successively launched a series of measures to solve the problems of ...

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Este catálogo enfoca el tema de la casa mediterránea investigando su presencia operativa en un entorno histórico ...

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Affordable housing is an enduring political challenge. Cities have endeavored to set international standards for this ...

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The completely revised, new edition of this publication provides the answers. It addresses the fundamental challenges ...