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This handbook focuses on two areas which, even in the age of digital media,are still staples of the profession: ...

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En aquest llibre Kluska basa en la seva considerable experiència per examinar el disseny urbà internacional, i ...

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This richly illustrated book of edited essays aims at introducing new approaches towards the planning of cities across ...

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Shanshui City és l'últim llibre del fundador MAD Arquitectes i soci director, Ma Yansong. 'Shanshui' és una visió del ...

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[a]FA is a laboratory of the Institute of Architecture of the University for Applied Arts in Vienna, in which spatial, ...

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Planificació de paisatges és una eina ben concebut per al planificador, que es centra en els dos aspectes principals de ...

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This book offers on-the-ground knowledge and proven ideas about how transit makes great streets. Cities of every size ...

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This book is the first document to capture the brave new world of strategies that are transforming cities on every ...

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This book offers substantive guidance for cities striving to make bicycling an integral part of their urban ...

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No country in the world was more variously exploited by foreign powers in the early-twentieth century than China. This ...

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BIM (Building Information Modelling) is transforming working practices across the built environment sector, as clients, ...

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With increasing population and its associated demand on our limited resources, we need to rethink our current ...